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Gauze Squares - 1 Ply

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1-Ply Gauze Squares are a medical-grade, non-sterile product from 3M made for a variety of uses

  • Measures 1” x 1”
  • Each bag contains 500 gauze squares
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  • 3M Company’s 1-Ply Gauze Squares are perfect for use in a number of medical applications.

    The gauze squares may be used for electrode application or as an aid to prevent skin irritation and chafing caused by wearing CPAP masks. Simply insert the gauze between the parts of the mask that touch your face and your skin to relieve mask discomforts.

    CPAP patients can use 1-ply gauze squares to create a simple cushion between their CPAP mask and face, thus avoiding lines and marks on one’s face due to extended use of tight-fitting CPAP masks.

    Other medical uses of the gauze squares include wound cleansing and medicine application. This product is also used to help prevent infection by covering small wounds and scrapes.

    Use the gauze squares in a single or double layer to create a loose and breathable cover over wounds, or in three or more layers to ensure superior wound protection and coverage.

    Multiple layers of 1-ply gauze squares help prevent bacteria from developing on cuts or scrapes by helping to absorb the sweat and moisture that often build up when injuries are covered with non-breathable layers of material.

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