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  • 3M Red Dot Electrode Conductive Adhesive
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    3M Red Dot Electrode Conductive Adhesive

    • Tab type resting EKG/ECG electrodes with a more aggressive adhesive backing
    • The 3M 2360 ECG electrode has a stronger adhesive than the 3M 2330 ECG electrode
    • Tab-style electrode has pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive that is easy to apply and remove, and provides rapid and intimate skin contact to ensure high quality trace pickup
    • Radiolucent to minimize the need to replace or remove electrodes in most radiological imaging applications
    • Extra large tabs for easy handling and attachment
    • Semi-stiff backing reduces roll-off and minimizes electrode lift
    • Electrode size: 1.2" x .8" (2cm x 2cm)
    • 10 Electrodes per card, 10 cards per bag (100 per bag)
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  • 3M Red Dot No Abrader
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    3M Red Dot No Abrader

    • 4cm x 3.5cm Monitoring Electrode with Foam Tape and Sticky Gel, without abrader
    • Adhesive foam-tape backing and proprietary sticky gel ensure excellent skin contact. Remains fresh for 45 days out of the bag
    • High performance adhesive offers instant adhesion and up to five-day wear with excellent patient skin care and comfort
    • Sticky gel delivers excellent trace quality resulting in better patient information
    • Smaller size electrode is easier to place, and minimizes skin irritation for better patient comfort
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  • Bio Protech Electrode 45mm
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    Bio Protech Electrode 45mm

    Universal ECG EKG Electrodes - Foam Adult

    50 Per Pack

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  • PALS Blue Electrode Rectangle

    PALS Blue Electrode Rectangle

    The PALS Blue Electrode are designed for all FES and TENS applications.

    • Stainless steel knit cloth and hydrogel construction
    • Provides optimum conductivity and conformity
    • Adheres through body hair
    • Gentle enough for use on extremely sensitive skin
    • Available in square or rectangle
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  • ValuTrode® Cloth Electrode

    ValuTrode® Cloth Electrode

    The ValuTrode Cloth Electrode are neurostimulation electrodes designed for maximum durability, longevity, and performance.

    • Cloth top and conductive film design
    • Provides optimal current and maximize conformity
    • Ideal for all various shapes and sizes
    • Multi-layer MultiStick hydrogel
    • Maximum durability, longevity, and performance
    • 4 electrodes per pack
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